Thursday, November 11, 2010


CHADEMA party through its secretariat has adopted a westminster system to
elect the leader of the opposition, following that Chadema caucus has
endorsed Rt. Hon. Freeman Mbowe as the leader, Zitto Kabwe as his Deputy and
Tundu Lisu as Chiefwhip....

Also In another development Chadema has picked the name of the prominent
lawyer, Mabere Marando, to vie for the position of Speaker of the National
Assembly AGAINST Anna Makinda of CCM.Already Civic United Front (CUF) has
written to support Chadema’s proposed candidate.Speaking to reporters
yesterday, the Chadema Secretary General and former Presidential candidate,
Dr Willbroad Slaa said the party has decided to appoint Mabere Marando
believing that his experience can make him win the seat.He said Marando; a
respected lawyer has been a member of the Union parliament and the East
African Legislative Assembly. “With this experience we believe that he will
win the position,” said Dr Slaa.

For his part Chadema National Chairman, who is the Hai MP-elect, Freeman
Mbowe told reporters here his party was happy at the CUF move to support
their candidate, saying it would boost opposition cooperation.“We believe in
the power of unity, we respect the recommendation of CUF and we Chadema
promise to continue working with CUF,” said Mbowe.



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